Friday, January 4, 2013

Paris - Part Three

On Saturday we went out for lunch at a crêperie with Luuk and Amy, our Kiwi friends in France, then after a stop to procure a dolphin, we faire les bises (gave kisses, French style) and departed for Paris centre.
A double-jointed thumbs up for my lemon juice and sugar crêpe
Adam enjoyed his dessert crêpe too
Louis with his dauphin
Full of crêpe, we took the metro to our hotel in the 16th arrondissement and then headed straight for les Champs Elysées, La Tour Eiffel and dinner.
The next morning we returned to La Tour Eiffel and enjoyed a breakfast of coffee and pain au chocolat beneath the Tower. We then joined the queues to go up to le sommet (As opposed to the second floor – which we discovered after waiting in a queue for 15 minutes and then realising it only gave the option of climbing the stairs to the second floor, rather than taking the lift right to the summit), and before long we were on our way up the great steel structure.

Pastry-eatin' face
Des billets!
At that time of morning, it wasn't as busy as we had feared, but it did not take long for the tower to get  much busier.
Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison share ideas
Though it was a mission to negotiate the growing crowd at the top, we managed to spend three hours up the Tower. Again, we were frozen to the bone, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Another thing to cross off the Bucket List!

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