Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wintry Weather

To show you how English I am, this post shall be about the weather. This winter has been COLD, with rain, hail, snow, cloud, and lots of wind. Winds from Siberia. Winds from Scandinavia. Winds from the Arctic. I approximate that we've had snow on 22 days so far this winter, including three days of serious snow and one dump of 16cms depth.

On Monday and Tuesday last week, it was lovely and sunny. Still cold and windy, but I actually wore sunglasses outdoors, which I haven't done in months. And then on Wednesday it snowed. We had a good 6cms on the ground, but thankfully Thursday brought patches of sun, and the snow quickly melted.

I miss heat and t-shirts and eating ice-creams to cool oneself down.

Anyway because of the cold we haven't been on many exciting adventures, so I'm sorry there isn't anything to report on since our great holiday to Scotland. However I'll leave you with some wintry pictures we've taken over the past 3.5 months.

When we first arrived, there were some very heavy frosts, though they did come with lovely sunshine:

After the frost came a surprising number of snow days:

Deerleap wood



And then finally we've had quite a lot of heavy rain lately. And the rain brought some new visitors:

Here's to spring, and the hope of warm weather so we can free our lily-white legs from the wool socks and merino long-johns!


  1. It looks a bit Narnia-ish! What a quaint little place you live in :) Helen

  2. Wow, it looks so pretty!!!! I am waiting for autumn to hit here, it's still kinda summery and I want boots and scarves :) Maybe I can send you our weather, and you can send me yours?