Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Seaside

After leaving the disappointing Worthing, we made our way to Eastbourne. It more than delivered - it was everything Worthing was not.

Unfortunately I didn't take any good pictures, but it had a beautiful grassy square and a well-kempt promenade - it reminded us a bit of Sumner.

We spent one night in Eastbourne and had our favourite meal in England so far - we ate at Mo Mambo, an Italian restaurant, and had a hawaiian pizza and roastie potatoes (like little squares of potato with a crunchy coating) - sooo good!

 (Adam practising his photography with a stunning model) 

In the morning, we made our way to Brighton and to the famous Pier. I kept thinking of Lydia Bennet eyeing up all the officers in uniform and taking a turn along the promenade to show off her figure to its best advantage. It is amazing visiting all these places and thinking of the famous people who've been here before you, or the literary characters who were breathed to life in these very spots!

Surprisingly, Brighton pier wasn't as pretty as Eastbourne, though it is undergoing some upgrades at present. One thing that all three piers had in common was amusement arcades! (Maybe that's something our Brighton pier could do with?? Install some pinball machines, dodgems and hot dog stands in the middle??) And Brighton took the cake, with a theme park at its end, including a mini roller coaster!!

We only had time for a quick stop in Brighton, but it was nice to see the sea and feel the salty breeze in one's hair. In the distance, we could see a faint grey outline of France.... how exciting!

(Me at the end of Brighton Pier)

(Adam meets the locals)

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  1. I thought of Lydia Bennet in Brighton too! It's precisely the kind of place you might do stupid things.