Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Olympics Finally Arrive in London (Almost)

I have interrupted our blog schedule* for an Olympic-related post! (Can I say 'Olympics', or is that trademarked? Do I have to call it London 2012, as everyone here seems to refer to it? Will I get in trouble for using the 'O' word?** Will you visit me in prison? Why does my hair look like it was dragged through a bush overnight?)

*We follow a rigorous blog schedule, as you may have noticed: ignore the blog for two months, then churn out four or five posts, then forget about the blog again. The most astute among you will have registered that we are in the middle of our tri-monthly (does that imply three times a month, or once every three months? This is in that tricky basket with bi-annual...) blogging frenzy, and we still have a couple more posts to go back to after this one. Lucky you!
Our Apartment gets ready to support the Kiwis
(**Kate Middleton's mother has been in trouble for referring to the 'O' word in her party-planning business...  There is talk of her being charged over misuse of the brand! ((Read the story here.)) Who is safe from the marketing madness?!)

While London, and hopefully the rest of the world, is gripped by Olymp.. 'London 2012' fever, we thought we should join the gravy train. On Saturday morning, we got up nice and early and headed down to the local town square to watch the Olym.... London 2012 Torch (?) The O Flame? The Torch Relay? THE TORCH AND RELAY OF DOOM? Er anyway, here 'tis:

The Torch Bearer Arrives
Sarah Smit, creator of a theatre company for teens
The 'Security' Guards
Some Horses
The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery
They even brought their own canons!
Sarah talking to the Mayor of Greenwich
Sunday also dawned bright and sunny, and so we set off on an adventure (Sorry, you'll have to wait 'til the next Frenzy for details!). On our way home, we began to see groups of people streaming down a road, this soon grew to crowds of people, and we then realised that they were gathering to see the Torch Relay (Got it right that time). We decided to follow the crowds, in the hope of seeing the Olym Flame. What we didn't bargain on was being right in the thick of the action! We had to stop our car and wait for about 15 minutes, but soon we found ourselves in the middle of the O-citement!
We're surprised that we're allowed to be so close to the action
Choice as, bro! 
It starts!
Torch Relay 2012 - ahh, so that's the magic phrase
The Police have some sweet rides over here
Coke, the drink of healthy athletes
Media frenzy
The Torch Bearer!
Jo Cleverly, a 79 year old runner who has spent most of his life getting involved
in local running-related events.
His grandfather won the 3 mile race in the 1908 Olympics (can I use that word yet?)
Me and the Olymp Flame London 2012 Torch!!!
Lets take another look at those police faces.
 Yep, definitely checking out our hot red ride...

Young Jo
O-fever has arrived!! And only 3 more sleeps until the O-pening Ceremony! And only one more week until we get to watch our first sporting event! Aaaannd, the sun has come out!! 29 degrees yesterday and today, and heading for 30 tomorrow!! (I love the person who invented the exclamation mark!)

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