Monday, April 16, 2012

An English Birthday

On April 14, Adam turned 30 and we celebrated by eating tasty things. Unfortunately we couldn't have a nice big party with all our friends, but it was nice to spend the day together drinking coffee and playing board games and eating squirrels. Well, replica squirrels.
Second attempt was a winner - these are Edmonds basic biscuits flavoured with a little cocoa and cinnamon.

They look so tasty... (they were - I tested a few for quality control purposes)
The icing process begins...

Lots of squirrels!

Ever wondered what a small woodland creature tastes like?

Icing was easy with those squeezy plastic bottle things - best invention ever!!

I found some special bronze edible paint to make some of the squirrels look more authentic

The Birthday Roast Dinner

Now for Adam's cake - a replica doughnut!

Is it a cake or is it a doughnut? Trippy.

Who needs a fork when you've got a giant, sharp knife to taste with?

Verdict: delicious!
Actually Adam is lying in that last picture. Lemon cake with chocolate icing is definitely not a combination I'd recommend.... Oh well - I'll have to try again some other time. I can't see Adam complaining about being a doughnut/cake tester...

Thank you to all who contributed to Adam's birthday fund - he is going to choose something like a concert or a West End show to buy tickets for. We're both looking forward to that :)

(Ooh - looks like we're even on the lying front - I did promise that the next post would be about our holiday to Spain/France.... Better luck next time!!!)

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  1. Love the squirrel cookies! Awesome! And white chocolate goes pretty well with lemon, in case you still want to go down the chocolatey path. Schoc make an AMAZING lemon white chocolate slab. *swoon*