Thursday, April 26, 2012

Le Camping

The next leg of our journey was to Argelès-sur-Mer. It was a lovely day to drive through the countryside, and we saw vineyards vineyards everywhere! And also the odd castle or cloister. Magnifique!

Our rental car and mobil-home
We picked up our friends Luuk, Amy, and little Louis from le gare (train station), and then headed for le Camping (the campground). 

It was situated 10 minutes to the south-east of Argelès-sur-Mer, on the coast of THE MEDITERRANEAN, near the border with Spain!

Yes, we can now say we have camped in the Mediterranean! We're looking forward to doing it again someday, though next time we'll head back closer to summer, I think, as the weather was rather inclement this time around. 

General eating, reading,
and games-playing area
We had a 2 bedroom mobil-home (no need to translate this one, methinks) with a deck and a cute, though sparsely furnished, kitchen (The lack of oven caught us out a few times!)

The campground was situated on a rolling hill above La Mer Méditerranée, with a little rocky 'beach' for us to explore.
A tense game
Playing Carcassonne

The campground also had a games area with kids playground, tennis court, and table-tennis areas, as well as a swimming enclosure with two small pools, and a grocery-cum-clothing store. 

It's obviously a real hub in summer, and I can imagine that when the weather is making blue sky and sun, it is a lovely place to be.

It was still lovely in the grey and drizzle, but we did have one day of sunshine, and it really made the place sparkle. 

Us being French - Saying "oh hoh hoh!"
 as we make a moustache...
We spent four nights in our wee home, and managed one sunny day of tennis and swimming. The rest of the time we spent exploring the local towns, including a local chateau and a cloître (castle and cloister), eating delicious food and drinking coffee, and playing the wonderful 'Carcassonne'.

You can read our friend Amy's account of the fun we had here at her blog. The pictures of us playing 'Carcassonne' are also from her blog. Thanks Amy!!

Louis was pretty impressed with
 his stone - you can see why!

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