Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perving on the Neighbours

So we have some new neighbours! Well, they are rather reclusive, so it is possible we have been living next-door to them for a while without knowing it...

Either way, we have recently made the acquaintance of a family living within a stone's throw of us. (And no, I haven't actually tested the veracity of that statement). We have seen them three or four times now, and when we were returning from a friend's wedding celebration on Sunday evening at 1am (That's what happens when you miss the last train) we even bumped into one of our new friends. Scrounging in the bushes at the foot of our apartment block.
Yes, that's right - scrounging in the bushes. We gave our neighbour The Eye, and the neighbour eyed us for quite some time before turning and running away into the night.

Did I mention our neighbours are the Fox family? Possibly a single parent job, though they all look so similar - a bunch of gingers - that we can't really tell the family apart.

This morning I saw them out on their balcony enjoying the serenity and sunshine - before the building site started back up at 8am. It was so thrilling to see the neighbours out and about that I got out the telephoto lens and snapped some shots of them. Hope that wasn't too pervy?! Anyway I don't think it counts if your neighbours are a bunch of foxes....

See? A pebble - yes, a rock - no. So, more-or-less a stone's throw.

It's not like I've been scoping the place out or anything...

Their lodgings are not so well-finished as ours

The neighbour looks as tired as I feel after the long weekend and all those sleep-ins

I think I've been spotted...

I didn't ask what the neighbour was doing here

Junior joins his Mother

Time for a little family bonding
(Is it a bit weird that I photographed them with a zoom lens and then made it into a film-strip-style photo with an editing programme?)

Our Neighbour scowls at the arriving workmen


  1. So cool! You best take them a house-warming gift if they've just moved in!

  2. Good point! I had wondered about buying a steak and chucking it over the fence to them....